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You Can't Take the South Out of the Girl

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So I was going to wait until next week to announce this, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m launching a blog for religion website The blog, Faith Goes Pop, will be about all things spiritual and pop culture-y, which is one of my favorite beats to cover.

The reasons I couldn’t wait until next week?

1. An Israeli hospital posted about a visit from the Duggar family, and you know how much I love that huge J-named family

2. Megan sent me an article about how Guy Fieri is apparently an anti-Semite

I’ll also be tweeting at @faithgoespop, so feel free to follow me there.

  1. dianeshipley said: Ooh! That sounds really interesting.
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    Guy Fieri has some pretty cool Juggalo-Christian values.
  3. chiaraatik said: Lilit, so so awesome! I can’t wait to read. I hope you write about all my favorite sects. Congratulations!
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    Lilit Marcus is the best, for lots of reasons… but who doesn’t love an article about the Duggars? WHO?
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